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Women and girls

We are leading the way in encouraging more women and girls to play football. More than 1,200 women and girls play regular football at one of our sessions and in the last 12 months we have won a string of awards for our work.

Female Football Development Programme (FFD)

Aimed at female players aged 11 and over, the Albion in the Community (AITC) FFD is looking to boost the number of women and girls playing regular football.

In the last year more than 500 players have taken part in our FFD. Players can benefit from expert coaching, with 30 weeks of sessions during the year, and take part in a string of tournaments.

Players are also introduced to our other programmes or local women’s teams in an effort to keep them playing football once they are no longer involved with AITC’s FFD.

To find out more call 01273 878265 or email: development@albioninthecommunity.org.uk.


Girls’ Player Pathway

We also have a number of regular football sessions aimed at young female players which make up our Girls’ Player Pathway.

The first level of the pathway is the holiday soccer schools, after school clubs and weekly soccer schools, where the emphasis is on girls of all abilities aged five to 13 taking part in fun sessions, providing an excellent introduction to football and a brilliant setting in which to develop new skills and make new friends.

Any girls who show particular promise can then be invited to an AITC invitation centre. Again, aimed at girls aged five to 13, these take place at venues across Sussex. Players attending invitation centre sessions will receive advanced training aimed at further developing their skills.

The next level on our Girls’ Player Pathway is the advanced training centre. This is aimed at players in the under-10 to under-16 age groups and sessions take place at Brighton & Hove Albion’s American Express Elite Football Performance Centre in Lancing. The advanced training centre aims to bring together the best regional players into an environment that challenges the individual and helps further develop their skills. With a smaller player to coach ratio and using the Brighton & Hove Albion FC academy philosophy, our advanced training centre creates a high-performance environment.

The fourth and final tier of the AITC pathway is the charity’s regional talent centre, which sits directly below Brighton & Hove Albion’s own academy structure. Places are only available to girls who have been formerly invited through the Brighton & Hove Albion scouting network. The regional talent centre is located at the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre for players in the under-10 to under-16 age groups.

For more information on the AITC Girls’ Player Pathway call 01273 878277 or email: talent.id@albioninthecommunity.org.uk.