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Weight loss support from Albion in the Community

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Albion in the Community (AITC) has been helping people lose weight in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

AITC works with the wellbeing team at Mid Sussex District Council to provide a series of 12-week weight off workshops aimed at helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes. Sessions include guidance on how to read food labels, how to set realistic exercise goals and advice on portion control.

Two recent groups – one in Burgess Hill and the other in Haywards Heath – have just finished the 12-week course. Participants lost an average of 3.1kgs each and with more than 25 people taking part, the total weight loss was more than 81kgs.

Recent research estimates that around two-thirds of adults living in Mid Sussex are overweight or obese and nationwide the cost of obesity to the UK economy is thought to be more than £15billion a year – including £4.2billion in costs to the NHS.

AITC coaches Jo Clarke and Evie Cicha delivered the sessions and were absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Jo Clarke, who ran the Haywards Heath session, said: “The group all bonded really well and had a lot of fun, while learning and losing weight.

“The emphasis is on the group coming up with solutions to each other’s struggles and this dynamic seems to work really well.”

Evie Cicha added: “Every person in the group has the same goal but their lives vary so much. It is the mix of everyone encouraging each other and sharing ideas and experiences that work so well.”

It was a sentiment shared by many of the participants. Carol Armstrong, who attended the Burgess Hill group, was full of praise for AITC. She said: “In the past I have attended other weight loss programmes, but I will take more away from this course than any other.”

Serena Hughes, from Haywards Heath, agreed. She said:  “I am so glad I signed up for this course. I feel confident that I can now maintain a healthier lifestyle.”

More information on the courses, which run at a range of venues across Mid Sussex, is available by calling 01444 477191 or emailing: