Apprenticeships - Albion in the Community


We offer a range of apprenticeship opportunities for people aged 16 and above who are not in full-time education.

Apprenticeships are government-funded programmes designed to support new and existing employees with training and qualifications linked to their job role. The idea is they help individuals develop skills while gaining experience in their chosen career.

As well as in-house apprenticeships at Albion in the Community and Brighton & Hove Albion, we also work with a growing number of local organisations and businesses to recruit and support apprentices across a range of jobs; these include leisure, activity leadership, PE and school sport, business administration, customer service and management.

Typically, apprentices will work around 30 hours a week and earn at least £3.70 an hour. Part of their working week will focus on studying towards a nationally-accredited qualification, such as an NVQ or diploma linked to their job role. Apprenticeships last on average between 12 and 15 months, depending on their levels.

For more information on our current apprenticeship opportunities call 01273 878260 or email: