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Coach’s Profile: Nathan discusses his journey from casual coach to full-time employee

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From a casual Community Coach at 17 to his dream role at Albion in the Community (AITC), this is Nathan Casselton’s story.

In the 13 years Nathan has spent with AITC, it’s safe to say Brighton & Hove Albion have gone on an incredible journey since his first day as a Community Coach.

After spending a large proportion of his youth as a football pathway participant, Nathan was on the cusp of adulthood and decided to turn his attention towards coaching.

“I started as a casual Community Coach at 17,” he shared. “Gradually, I built up my casual community coaching hours and I got to a stage where I was offered a full-time Community Coach position.

“Then, I got the opportunity to become the lead coach for the West Sussex area, where I was actually based. In this role, I assisted the Development Officer which included running sessions and being the lead for that area.

“Later on, I was fortunate enough that an opportunity came up for the role that I’m in now, which is the Women’s and Girl’s Development Officer for AITC.”

Since joining the charity, Nathan has been incredibly appreciative of the opportunities that AITC has afforded him which has helped in his development as a coach.

“The experiences and opportunities that I’ve had working at AITC over the 13 years being here, I wouldn’t have got that anywhere else.”

He later added: “It’s a pleasure to work for AITC and I would recommend it to anybody, especially if they’ve got a passion in football and they’re interested in going down the coaching route.”

AITC are currently recruiting casual Community Coaches for football sessions which are taking place across Sussex. If you’re interested in this exciting coaching opportunity, you can visit Brighton & Hove Albion’s jobs page, here.

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