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Meet the apprentices: Ashley

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To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, the Albion in the Community (AITC) website is focusing each day on one of the apprentices currently working with the charity.

Next up is Ashley Elmer – the newest apprentice at AITC, having started in September last year. Ashley works in the health department.

What does your role include?

“The work I do can be varied. I make a lot of phone calls on behalf of our health coaches, collecting data on recent classes and assessing whether our programmes are running successfully. I am also involved in organising team monthly meetings and collating data into spread sheets.”

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?

“I think it has to be that I’ve been placed into a working environment to do a college course, so it has got me used to how an office job works. Getting a qualification at the end of my apprenticeship is great as well as it will help me move forward with my career.”

What are you plans for when your apprenticeship ends?

“Hopefully I can stay on at AITC. That would certainly be my main goal. If that doesn’t happen then I will still have gained the skills I need to find another office based job.”

How does it feel to work at the American Express Community Stadium every day?

“Working at the stadium is great – it is something that really differentiates this job from so many others. Also, working for AITC is so rewarding, I feel like my work is making a difference and helping people in Sussex to reach their health goals.”

Do you feel your apprenticeship has made you more confident in professional situations?

“Before this job I had never worked in an office and this new role has given me a lot of confidence. Being in a friendly environment makes you feel welcome in the office and that has really helped my confidence.”

Would you suggest an apprenticeship to others and why?

“Definitely. An apprenticeship can give you a head start in life. It has given my career direction and the benefits of gaining a qualification while working full time in an office environment cannot be underestimated.”


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