There are a number of lottery-style games that fans can play to help fund our community work, including some on matchdays.

Seagulls Lotto

Playing Seagulls Lotto is a great way to get behind Albion in the Community and potentially win large cash prizes.

With draws every Wednesday and Saturday, each lotto bet is priced at just £1.50, so it’s cheaper to play than other UK-based offerings. You can place as many bets against each lotto draw as you like, either choosing your own lucky numbers or opting for a lucky dip.

All proceeds that the club receives from Seagulls Lotto go directly to Albion in the Community. For each lotto bet placed, this equates to 26% (39p) of your purchase.

With an average twice-weekly jackpot of £7.5 million, cash prizes are awarded by matching just three numbers or more, with a range of other prizes on offer.

Start making a difference today by playing at:


Albion Hat-Trick

Albion’s matchday lottery is a scratch-card-based game, giving fans three chances to win one of hundreds of prizes.

Match the first goal time to the minute and win up to £100. Collect up to £1,000 with a lucky number draw, or win one of hundreds of instant prizes.

One in four tickets is a winner.

Tickets are available outside the stadium on matchdays, and on entry to the concourses, for just £1.

Proceeds from the Hat-Trick game help fund Albion in the Community’s award-winning disability football programme across Sussex and other projects across the county.

Terms and conditions and details of how to claim your prize can be found on the reverse of the ticket.

This season’s winning numbers so far have been:

Atletico Madrid: 4921; 4103; 3561
Manchester City: 3245; 2756; 1737
West Brom: 2062; 4453; 2012
Newcastle United: 3343; 2167; 1257
Everton: 3268; 1477; 3087
Southampton: 1970; 2166; 4828
Stoke City: 2736; 1091; 4110
Crystal Palace: 1611; 1720; 2215
Liverpool: 1734; 4299; 2405

1901 Club Draw

Members of the club’s hospitality lounges have their own exclusive matchday lottery.

For just £1, members are entered into a draw to win £1,000, a £100 club store voucher, a magnum of champagne, or one of two bottles of champagne.

A dedicated team of 1901 Club sellers tour the lounges selling the tickets, with the draw taking place at half-time.

Terms and conditions and details of how to claim your prize can be found on the reverse of the ticket.

This season’s winning numbers so far have been:

Manchester City: 1st: 083214; 2nd: 083822; 3rd: 083474; 4th: 083533; 5th: 081998
West Brom: 1st: 087547; 2nd: 087068; 3rd: 086513; 4th: 087945; 5th: 086416
Newcastle United: 1st: 091147; 2nd: 089676; 3rd: 091033; 4th: 090879; 5th: 090987
Everton: 1st: 090029; 2nd: 091961; 3rd: 096126; 4th: 096850; 5th: 096113
Southampton: 1st: 093825; 2nd: 091472; 3rd: 093762; 4th: 092772; 5th: 091479
Stoke City: 1st: 098133; 2nd: 097415; 3rd: 099765; 4th: 100151; 5th: 097635
Crystal Palace: 1st: 101109; 2nd: 101352; 3rd: 102250; 4th: 099537; 5th: 099449
Liverpool: 1st: 105612; 2nd: 106596; 3rd: 103701; 4th: 103371; 5th: 103778