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Health and wellbeing MOTs provided by Albion in the Community

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Albion in the Community (AITC) has been providing health MOTs to staff at a string of local businesses.

AITC is working with the wellbeing team at Mid Sussex District Council to deliver the wellbeing assessments for free to small and medium-sized businesses. Staff at participating businesses are given one-to-one sessions looking at their diet, lifestyle and general wellbeing.

Jack Newnham, AITC’s health co-ordinator, explained: “Employee wellbeing has become a key issue as organisations face the costs and potential impact of high absence levels and employee ill-health.

“More and more organisations are realising that their biggest asset is their workers and the importance of promoting employee wellbeing.

“We are able to visit businesses and offer useful support and guidance on how staff can make small changes to their lifestyle that can have a big impact on their wellbeing.”

And according to one of the companies that has benefited from the offer, AITC’s input has had a significant impact on staff.

Kyley Lawlor is HR manager at Consort Frozen Foods and welcomed AITC’s wellbeing coaches to their headquarters in Burgess Hill for a series of one-to-ones with staff.

They said: “When I originally spoke to Jack I was unsure of how many staff would want to have a one-to-one, but I could see a huge benefit in this so it was something I wanted to roll out.

“I could not believe the amount of staff who wanted to take part – we had to hold two days because of the interest.

“The most rewarding part was seeing the effort and focus some staff have given to their wellbeing after having their one-to-one. There were a number of people who, by their own admission, had an unbalanced diet and would never have breakfast or eat fruit and would knowingly eat the wrong food types on a regular basis. Now they have changed their eating habits and I am regularly being told that they have lost more weight and feel better for it. It’s fantastic.

“We all agree that these changes and weight loss would never have happened without the one-to-one sessions and the team at Albion in the Community. Their knowledge and personal approach is second to none.”

For more information on the health and wellbeing MOTs offered by AITC, which take place at the participating businesses, call: 01444 477191 or email: