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Albion Goals plus

Albion Goals + is a personal development programme that helps improve social and personal skills through participation in sport; it is aimed at people aged 16 years+.


Albion Goals + is a programme that provides step by step support for participants towards their identified goals. It uses specifically designed sports sessions to develop essential personal skills such as communication skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution alongside opportunities to improve fitness and wellbeing under the supervision of qualified coaches.

Through an 18-week programme, participants learn to support each other by receiving valuable mentoring and support from their coaches.

The Albion Goals+ programme includes:

  • Weekly sports-based personal development sessions.
  • Nationally accredited behaviour change course.
  • Nutrition workshop.
  • Three day ‘personal best’ certified workshop.
  • Level 1 employability course with the option of completing additional qualifications.

Albion Goals is funded by the FIFA Foundation and is supported a range of local organisations including CGL, Brighton and Hove Housing Trust and Worthing Homes.

To sign up for Albion Goals, simply click on the session below to go straight to the booking page and enter the course access code when prompted: