Brighter Outlook

Welcome to Brighter Outlook - free, personalised physical activity for people living with and beyond cancer in Brighton and Hove.

If you have an experience of cancer in the last five years and live in Brighton and Hove, our specialist activity coaches are waiting to help you.

We know there are plenty of reasons why being physically active through and after a cancer diagnosis can be really positive.

Research has shown that staying active is safe in most cases of cancer. The benefits can include less fatigue and improved mood, reduced disease progression and decreased risk of recurrence. Being active to recommended levels can also help reduce the risk of other health conditions such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Why sign up to Brighter Outlook?

  • Personalised support and activity plan from a cancer exercise rehabilitation specialist.
  • Safe, effective activities through and after treatment at times to suit.
  • Fun and friendly classes and sports groups with like-minded people.
  • Continuing support for up to 12 months after referral.
  • Build confidence, make friends, boost your mood and try something different.
  • Walk, bike, swim or gym – whatever you enjoy let us help you find your thing.
  • All consultations are free and we can help you access free and subsidised activities across the city to help you get moving.

Call Angie Steel direct on 01273 668591 or fill in the contact form below for information on the scheme, referral details or any questions you may have.



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