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Albion fan praises weight coach for helping him change his life

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A Seagulls fan told he would be lucky to see his 60th birthday has praised Albion in the Community (AITC) after one of the charity’s weight management coaches helped him shed the weight and improve his health.

Michael Babbage, 46, was referred to AITC’s health department by his GP as he struggled with morbid obesity amid a dangerously high sugar intake.

Before meeting AITC’s Phil Broom, Mr Babbage was downing more than a litre of energy drinks a day – a habit which had led to the grandfather contracting Type 2 diabetes.

A year later, however, Mr Babbage is a changed man and he credits his dramatic turnaround to the support and guidance he received from AITC.

He said: “It was getting to the stage where I was being told I would be dead by the time I was 60. I didn’t want that. I wanted to live longer. I decided I needed to make some drastic decision and lifestyle changes.

“I cannot begin to explain how much of an impact Phil and AITC have had on my life.

“When you are given the opportunity to work with AITC you are given a choice – one-to-one support or in a group. I chose to go one-to-one and it took the embarrassment away.

“AITC has been an absolute godsend.”

Mr Babbage’s weight management coach worked out a unique programme for him, including an exercise routine which made allowances for his other medical conditions. It allowed him to become more active while also being given the guidance he required to begin eating more healthily.

Key to the change in diet, he says, was the session in which he came face to face with the amount of sugar he was consuming.

He explained: “Phil showed me a massive pile of sugar. He wanted to show me how much I was eating in a week but we didn’t have enough – that was how much I was having. It was frightening.”

Fast-forward 12 months and Mr Babbage is now eating more fruit and veg, exercising regularly and has ditched the sugar in favour of sweeteners.

“I can’t thank Phil and AITC enough, “he said. “I feel better in myself and I am getting to spend more quality time with my family. It has changed my life. I would recommend AITC to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to I was.”

Wellbeing coach Mr Broom was equally full of praise for his client. He said: “It has been brilliant working with Michael and seeing how far he has come.

“Obviously we provide the guidance and information to help change unhealthy behaviour but Michael shouldn’t underestimate how much work he has put in himself. He should be very proud of what he has achieved and is proof that it is never too late to make important changes.”

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