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Will you take on the Albion Challenge?

8 October – 31 December 2020

This Autumn, we want to help you end the year positively by getting active and supporting the local community. We are inviting you to take on the Albion Challenge and virtually cover the distance between the American Express Community Stadium and other premier league club grounds by end of December 2020. You can cover the distance in any way you like – swim, cycle, push, run or walk (or a combination). You can do it as a team or individual, complete it in one go or build up your distance over the months. Just make sure you are abiding by any government restrictions at all times.


All monies raised will go directly to Albion in the Community, helping us to continue to support the Sussex community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.


The rules are simple:

1. Choose a distance to cover. There are five distances for you to choose from:

  •  The Amex Stadium to The People’s Pension Stadium – 22 miles
  • The Amex Stadium to Selhurst Park – 42 miles
  • The Amex Stadium to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 57 miles
  • The Amex Stadium to King Power Stadium – 144 miles
  • The Amex Stadium to Old Trafford – 227 miles
  • The Amex Stadium to St James’ Park – 326 miles

2. Register by completing the below form. Registration is free to Albion in the Community BMW 2020 runners. If you plan to take part as a team, individuals who are not part of our BMW 2020 team will have to pay £10 per person. They can register through the main site.

3. Set up your JustGiving fundraising page – everyone who raises £50+ will receive a limited edition Albion Challenge medal. Should you wish to fundraise, you can set your page up HERE or add it to your current Brighton Marathon Weekend page.

4. Get moving and track your distances – you can do this manually, via your JustGiving page (in the Fitness Activity box), via an app such as Strava, or a tracker (e.g. FitBit).

5. Once you have completed your distance – email: with proof. This could be an exercise log, your JustGiving Fitness Activity log, pictures from your route or photos of your fitness tracker/app.

6. Sit back, relax and start looking forward to Christmas content in the knowledge you have done something great for your local community. Once your distance has been confirmed we will send you your digital certificate. You will also receive your limited addition Albion Challenge medal (if you have raised £50+) at event completion.


    Entrants receive:

    • Digital certificate on completion.
    • Message of support.
    • Limited edition medal (if you raise £50+). Please note: all medals will be sent on event completion.


    Download our guide for tracking your distance here.

    Should you have any questions please email:

    Please note: All distances (in miles) have been calculated from Google maps walking routes as per October 5 2020.

    Read our Terms and Conditions here.



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